Mayoral Candidates square off in “Virtual Debate” on

By  | invited both Mayoral candidates to participate in a “Virtual Debate” in written form and posted on for every voter to read.  In order to remain neutral, set a few basic guidelines and then let the candidates have their frank and honest exchange.  Follow this link to the invitation and guidelines: GUIDELINES 

In short, each candidate wrote and answered three questions, then gave these three questions and answers to his opponent to write an answer/rebuttal.  The two links below contain the three questions asked by each candidate followed by their own answer then the answer/rebuttal of their opponent.  Determined by coin toss, the link to Shelton's questions is presented first and Watts' second. hopes that this information will be one more way that voters can make an informed decision this coming Saturday, March 27th, at the polls.  Remember to get out and vote!

Click on the links below to read the "Virtual Debate".


Shelton's Questions

Watts' Questions