Weekly City Update

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Some questions have arisen lately about “roundabouts” like the one being constructed on Lovett Road. The city has now posted links to a series of videos explainging roundabouts, their uses, and safety benefits. You can find links to five videos about this on the city government WEBSITE on the front page.

The next City Council meeting will be held next Tuesday, March 23 at 6 PM at Kristenwood.

To clarify on the Census: Most people should have received their Census forms by now. On the form, it gives options for your city from which you must select. You may actually have to WRITE “City of Central” on your form, as it is not given as one of the options. A few people have been told by the Census hotline to scratch out Baton Rouge and write “City of Central instead. It is important that we do this so that Central is recognized as its own city and is given credit for the people who live here.

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