Council Candidate Bio- Aaron Moak

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I am 37 years old and have lived in Central all my entire life.  I grew up on Sullivan Road on the property my grandfather bought and where my parents still live.  My wife, Ginger Steed Moak and I have been married for fourteen years.  We are both graduates of Central High School.  We have two sons, Travis 13 yrs and Carson 6 yrs.  Travis is a student at Central Middle School and Carson at Bellingrath Hills Elementary.  I am a lifetime member of Zoar Baptist Church.   

I was taught at a young age that one of the best things you can do is to do something for other people.  At the age of 13 I became a member of the Central Volunteer Fire Department.  I went on to become a Firefighter/EMT and became an employee of the Central Fire Department.  During this time I was active working with the Jr Fireman program as well as taking fire safety programs to our schools and child care centers. 

When I opened my business I immediately became a member of Central Area Business Association the predecessor of the Central Chamber of Commerce. I was elected president of the Association.  I have served as a board member of Central Area Business Association/Chamber of Commerce for the past twelve years.  I am currently chairman of the Central Economic Development Committee.  I am also past-Chairman of the Central Board of Adjustments.  I am a member of the Central Kiwanis Chapter. I am a member of the City of Central Emergency Preparedness Team and Co-founder of Central’s Business Networking Group.  I have also served as Chairman of the Christmas in Central Festival for the past twelve years. 

I have been a part of the development of the City of Central from the beginning stages, through the legal developments and the campaign to incorporate as a city.  Likewise I worked with our school district campaign until the job was completed.  I have a great passion for my city and I want to see it grow and develop both business wise and as a great family oriented place to live.   

In 2006 I was elected to serve on the Council of the City of Central.  Over the past four years I have had the opportunity to talk with and listen too many of you concerning matters in our city.  I am always more than willing to listen to the different viewpoints and ideas that Central’s people come to me with.  As the owner of a business I know there is more than one way to find a positive solution to almost any problem like wise as one of your council members I have learned that this axiom hold true for matters of our city as well. 

I know that many of you also have a passion for Central and if re-elected I will continue to always be available to listen to your thoughts and ideas so that we can work together to make Central what we know it can be.   I have tried in this past four years to always consider all sides in an issue and make my decisions as I see best for my city. 

I am grateful for the opportunity you gave me four years ago to serve on the Central City Council and I would appreciate if very much if you would again allow me to serve.  If you have any questions for me I can be reached at 324-6008, I can also be reached on facebookaaron moak for the city of central and twitteraaronmoak