Student Arrested for Gun Threats

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On September 8, 2009, an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s deputy with School Drug Task Force was called by school officials to Central High School at 10200 E. Brookside in reference to a student who was threatening to bring a firearm to school.

Upon arrival, the deputy spoke to school officials that advised that a senior student allegedly made the statement in class that he would bring a gun to school to “shoot up the school.” After conducting an investigation, Saia was placed under arrest for the crime of Terrorizing.

He was booked into prison that day with a $50,000 bond. He bonded out on the 10th after meeting the stipulations set forth by the Judge.

“It’s important that young people understand that we will treat these kinds of threats very seriously,” Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said. “If students hear another student make a violent threat, it is so important that they notify a trusted adult immediately. This can prevent a threat from becoming a reality.”