Camp Istrouma Counselors Reach Out

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The counselors at Camp Istrouma on Greenwell Springs Road decided this year to do a mission project together. The leading cause of death in children worldwide is a lack of access to clean water. So the counselors this summer decided to help do something about it. They set out to sponsor a well for a town in another country so that those people may have clean drinking water. The problem with the plan was that these wells cost about $5,000, and the counseling staff is made up of college students with not much money. The staff therefore chose to hold a swim-a-thon, a project they call “Water for Water.” The counselors got everyone they knew to agree to sponsor their swimming laps at the camp pool, and, after swimming a combined 175 laps this past Saturday, they have already raised $4,800! Including the donations they are still collecting, this brings their fundraising total to over $5,000, which reaches their goal to sponsor the well. Any extra money that goes over their goal will be donated to Camp Caney, one of Camp Istrouma’s sister camps that will be shut down if they do not find more funding. If you would like to donate to the counselors’ cause, visit for information. You may also learn more about providing clean drinking water for people worldwide by checking out Lifewater International. Thanks to all of the counselors and sponsors who worked so hard to give to this life-saving cause.