Sheriff Asks for Donations for Central Woods

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The Community Services Division of the EBR Sheriff’s Office helps local residents to start neighborhood watch programs in their subdivisions, encouraging residents to get to know each other and look out for the well being of one another. The Central Woods neighborhood off of Sullivan Rd. started their neighborhood watch program a few months ago, and residents have since seen a noticeable drop in drug use and crime in their subdivision.

The next step for the Sheriff’s Office in Central Woods is to clean up BREC’s Kolby Park, which is located in Central Woods, so that the local community can once again safely use the facilities. On July 19, the Sheriff’s Office will host a meet and greet with food at Kolby Park, and they are looking for help from local businesses to donate supplies for the barbecue. If anyone would be interested in supporting this effort in Central Woods, please contact the EBR Sheriff’s Office at 389-5000, 389-5087, or 389-5178.