More Burglaries in Central

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 There have been even more burglaries in Central this week.
Thursday, an electric scooter was stolen from a residence in the 18200 block of Magnolia Bend Ave. from under the carport area.
   Shortly afterwards, a residence in the 6700 block of Morgan Springs was burglarized.  The back door was kicked in, and burglars stole flat screen tv’s and other items.   A witness got a description of the vehicle, and detectives on route to the scene spotted the vehicle and apprehended two black male suspects.  They were arrested for the crime and are believed to be the same ones who stole the scooter.
   Residents in the Magnolia Bend, Bellingrath, and Morgan Springs area are asked to check their carports and homes for any items that might be missing. These thieves could have hit more houses yesterday prior to being arrested, but people were at work and had not yet come home.
   These two thieves are also under investigation into the robbery that occurred the other day on the Amite River under the Magnolia Bridge.
   In the past few weeks, 11 burglary suspects have been arrested by the Sheriff’s Department.   Most of these arrests were within minutes of the crimes occurring thanks to the excellent response from the sheriff’s office and due to alert witnesses calling the sheriff’s department.  The sheriff’s number is 389-5000.