Rabbit Stolen from Local Residents Home

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I would like to report that on May 18 between 8:30 am and 11:30 am someone entered a gated backyard at my home in Tanglewood on Hooper Road, and stole our pet rabbit even breaking the hinges on the cage to get him out. The Sheriffs’ office took a report but there is slim hope our beloved S~mores will be returned to us. We are afraid that someone seeking to train dogs for hunting or fighting may have taken our pet. Because of the brazen nature of the theft we would like to warn the other members of our community to keep a closer eye on their small animals. S`mores was a mini-lop rabbit, white with grey and brown spots and only weighed about six pounds; he is greatly missed by our three children. If any one knows about who might have done this, please contact the relevant authorities.

Thank you.

Lynne Terrio