CHS Summer Reading

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This summer, Central High students will again have the opportunity to read books for extra credit in their English classes. Students may choose the books that they would like to read through the Accelerated Reader program, which features many topics and reading levels. Students will be tested on the books that they read this summer during the first week of school this fall, and all passing grades on these quizzes will earn bonus points in English classes. Students may take these quizzes on any number of books, but only enough bonus may be earned to raise their English grade to the next letter grade. Students may visit the Accelerated Reader website to find AR books for which quizzes will be available. They should be sure to choose books with reading levels within their reading range if they want to earn bonus points.

While they will also be eligible to earn bonus points through the Accelerated Reader program, students in Honors and AP English classes are required to read certain titles over the summer to prepare for class in the fall. The classes involved include English 1 Honors, English 2 Honors, AP English 3, and AP English 4. AP U.S. History with Mr. Mitchell also has some required books. Visit the Central High website to find the required titles for these classes.