Election Day In Central – Let Your Voice Be Heard

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The polls open this Saturday, May 2nd, at 6 AM and close at 8 PM.  Make a point to exercise your right to vote.  Choosing NOT to vote is like casting a vote against what you believe.  That’s right, failing to vote is like voting for the other side, so get to the polls and be counted.  The only items on this ballot are three important school tax proposals to repair existing schools and to build new schools to accommodate our growth.


Whatever the results of this election, the people of Central should know that our School Board understands the value of tax dollars.  Earlier this year, as is the option when property assessments increase, the Central School Board voted to REDUCE the property tax millage dedicated to schools by 3.66 mills.  This gave taxpayers back more than $327,000.  Most neighboring school boards, given the same option, kept the millage at the higher rate.  Our School Board can be trusted with our tax dollars.


Exercise your right to vote!