How Well Does Our Schol System Manage Our Investment?

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How are we managing your investments?

• Preliminary reports from the Louisiana Department of Education show Central Community School System students performed the same or better than students in the state’s highest scoring districts last year. The results remained consistent for students in grades 4 and 8 and in high school. (*School districts must complete two years of testing before they are included in the state’s official accountability report.)

• The Central Community School System currently has budgeted approximately $29.1 million in its general operations fund to pay for teacher pay and benefits, operational expenses, textbooks and supplies, utilities, fuel and other costs. The majority of the system’s funding comes from the state through the Minimum Foundation Program.

• More than 75-percent of the general operations budget is spent on teacher pay and benefits.

• The Central Community School Board this year voted to reduce the millages levied on local assessed property by 3.66 mills, thereby giving back more than $327,000 to local tax payers.