School Board Meets Monday Night to Consider Tax Options

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The School Facilities Steering Committee met for three hours last Thursday night to draft a motion for consideration at Monday’s School Board meeting.  Monday the School Board meets at Kristenwood at 6:00 PM and will receive and discuss the committee’s recommendation.  The committee has recommended that a tax election be held this spring to first repair existing school facilities so that they meet safety standards and to build a new school, allowing the existing Middle School to be taken out of service in a little over two years. 

The motion made by the Steering Committee calls for a three-part proposal to the voters.  The first referrendum would be for a 1/2 cent sales tax.  The second referrendum would call for a 16.5 mil prooperty tax.  These two taxes combined would be sufficient to do the needed repairs and upgrades to Bellingrath, Tanglewood and the High School, in addition to building one new school.  The third referrendum would be for an additional 16.5 mils and would provide funding to build additional educational facilities in hopes of eliminating all T-Buildings and removing the need to continue paying rent for the old Sarkey facility.

The anticipated revenue provided by these referrendums would be approximately $70 million, which is about 2/3 of the $98 million tax request which was turned down by the voters last year.

The School Board will likely consider the recommendation of the Steering Committee and then call for a special School Board meeting on Thursday to receive public input and take a final vote in an effort to call for the tax election.  Once the School Board has sent a request on to the bond commission and called for the election, the Steering Committee will meet to craft a specific proposal to be presented to the for approval by the Board.  This proposal would then be brough to the voters for approval.  Remember also that all Steering Committee and School Board meetings are open to the public and that all Central residents are encouraged to attend and to voice opinions.