CMS students “Caught Being Great”

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As part of the implementation of Positive Behavior Support (PBS) in Central Community Schools this year, Central Middle School has adopted several behavioral incentive systems. One of these incentives provides positive recognition each month for students “Caught Being Great” by going above and beyond in some way. These students are nominated by other students, and these nominations are collected and screened by homeroom teachers all month long. During the week of “PBS Friday”, which is a monthly celebration of positive behavior occurring on the last Friday of each month, each team of teachers goes through all the students’ nominations and selects the most outstanding ones for the “Caught Being Great” student to represent their team that month. Then, all students who are selected for “Caught Being Great” have their names announced school-wide, and their pictures and good deeds are posted on bulletin boards in the school hallways throughout the month. This is just one way we reward students at Central Middle for behaving positively. The following students were selected for the month of August: 6th grade – Nicholas Handy and Katelyn Borel; 7th grade – Daniel Vincent and Stormy Johnson; 8th grade – Devon Gales and Mason Gautreaux. Congratulations to these students! Group from Left to Right:

Mason Gautreaux, Devon Gales, Stormy Johnson, Katelyn Borel, Daniel Vincent, Nicholas Handy.