Arbor Day – Let’s Give The Trees Some Help

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Last year was definitely hard on the Central Community.  First a freak wind storm in May, then 2 hurricanes, then a very out-of-the-ordinary snow storm in December.  Thankfully Central “weathered” everything well, but one thing that we value here in our town has certainly taken a beating – our trees.  Even now there are giant trunks lying around reminding us how many we lost.  So here’s something to think about:  January 16th was Louisiana’s official “Arbor Day” (the National one occurs on April 24, but we are blessed with an early spring down here, so the optimal tree planting time is in January).  Why not take the time to go to one of our local nurseries and buy a tree to plant in someone’s honor or memory?  Maybe focus on replanting in areas where we’ve lost especially old and valuable trees.  This is a very simple way that we can all pitch in to keep our town one of the most beautiful in Louisiana.