School Facilities Committee Recommends Study

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The Steering Committee tasked with investigating the facility needs of the Central School System met this evening.  The committee has recommended that the School Board engage PBK, an architectural engineering firm specializing in school construction, to compile demographic and facilities information.  The study will be limited to gathering only the information needed to make an informed presentation to the voters of Central as they consider solutions to the facilities needs of our school system.

The committee is also dividing up into three teams to accomplish the many tasks it faces.  The teams will separately handle Facilities Needs Assessment, Financial Options, and Public Information.  All meetings of these teams will be open to the public and all members of the Steering Committee are invited to attend all team meetings.

The committee will also benefit from the expertise of Taylor Media Services, a firm already working for the school system in the area of communications.  The goal of this effort will be to effectively gather information from the voters of Central and to better inform the public during each step of this facilities planning process.

The Steering Committee’s recommendation will go to before the School Board on the 26th.  The Steering Committee will continue meeting thereafter.