Let It Snow! – Pictures From “THE BLIZZARD OF ’08”!

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Come sit with grandpaw and let me tell you about the “Big One of ’08”  Yep, it was bad!  Snow drifts so deep you could barely force open the front door.  Couldn’t drive for all the ice on the roads, had to walk everywhere, for a week, uphill, both ways!

OK, so I exaggerate, but the snow this morning was fun, closed schools, gave us a chance to enjoy playing with the kids making snowmen and throwing snowballs.  Rare fun for us in south Louisiana.  You could say it came 2 weeks too early, but let’s not be picky.  It snowed at Christmastime in 2008….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Enjoy the photos below and send in your own and I will post them as well.  E-mail to .