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This is an update of Monday’s Post with additional documents included.  The final set of options originally considered are presented in the last document.

In an effort to keep all of Central as informed as possible on this important issue, follow these links for copies of information distributed at the first Steering Committee meeting on December 3rd. This first batch of information includes a six-part, 67 page study done to determine the condition of the four schools taken over by the Central Community School Board, and two documents summarizing comments and suggestions made in the wake of the first failed tax election. Several additional documents concerning options initially considered will be made available in a separate article after they are scanned later this week.

It is important to the future of our schools that this community stay informed all throughout this process. To sign up to receive updates each time information is available just send an e-mail to and say “Sign me up.”

Click these links for the documents:

Committee Process Suggestions

Possible Reasons For Defeat Of Tax Election

Limited Building Assessment – Part 1

Limited Building Assessment – Part 2

Limited Building Assessment – Part 3

Limited Building Assessment – Part 4

Limited Building Assessment – Part 5

Limited Building Assessment – Part 6


MFP 10/01/2008

MFP 12/02/2008