Central City Council Upholds “Connectivity”

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The City Council met Tuesday meeting and handled a number of routine issues and received an update from the city services group.  The video of the entire meeting can be seen below.

One issue before the council was “stub-outs” and “connectivity” of neighborhoods.  When a subdivision is constructed there are often small “pieces” of a street going off just a few feet in one direction or another, either at a dead end or even somewhere along the side of a street.  These are placed there to allow the neighborhood to be connected to a future neighborhood if one is built.  In a ruling involving such a “stub-out”, the City Council upheld the concept that connectivity is desireable in Central. 

In this case the construction of the connecting street was approved on the condition that the affected homeowners’ properties were repaired to pre-construction condition.  The homeowners were considered here because the “stub-out” was not clearly indicated in the paving.  Under normal circumstances, if you build a home adjacent to a stub-out you should assume that there will one day be a street running alongside your house, so build it as a corner lot construction.

Due to the Christmas holidays, the next Council meeting will be in one week, on Tuesday, 12/16/08.