It Was A Fan-tastic Season, Wildcat Football Edged Out Of The Superdome By Destrehan

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I will give you plays and stats and highlights in a moment.  First, as a fan of football, community, and all things Central, let me say thanks to the CHS football players and coaches for a memorable season and a wild ride deep into the playoffs.  After the competitive fire wanes a bit and the emotions calm, and this team looks back on the accomplishments of this football season, I am sure that every player, coach, parent and fan will understand that this has been a remarkable and successful season.  This season has been a gift to the community of Central.

Now for the game, and let me be specific, THE SEMIFINALS OF THE LOUISIANA STATE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP!  The game, for both teams, was filled with big plays, big penalties, and big turnovers.  In the end, with less than two minutes remaining, Central had the ball and 75 yards of field between them and overtime.  The final drive fell short and Destrehan ran out the clock for a 21-14 victory and a trip to the Superdome.  Sarting QB Will Briscoe, who suffered a concussion and a torn ACL in last week’s win over Acadiana, tried to play through the knee pain, but came up limping after a long pass in the first series and turned over the helm to Jay Cutno for the remainder of the game.

If games were decided by statistics, Central would have won.  Central edged out Destrehan in first downs, pass completions, total yards, turnovers, 3rd down efficiency, and time of possession.  The key to the game was timing.  Two of Central’s three turnovers came with Central inside the Destrehan 10 yard line.  Destrehan’s turnovers, and there were five, certainly killed drives, but never that close to a score.  In the final analysis, Destrehan came up with the big plays and walked away with the “W”, much like Central did against Brother Martin just two weeks ago.  Follow these links for complete GAME STATS  and SEASON STATS.

Again, congratulations on a great season.  Enjoy a few photos shot from the stands: