Football Game Updates for Friday Night’s Game @ Destrehan

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All of you who are planning to go see the Wildcats play Destrehan this Friday night for a spot in the state championship game need to consider a few things for this road trip.  Central was sent tickets to pre-sell, but word has it that they sent us between 500 and 800 tickets, and that is less than travelled to the Brother Martin game.  That does not necessarily mean you can’t buy tickets at the gate, but you should probably buy here early to be safe.  The Destrehan Athletic Director says that there is no concern of a sellout.

Tickets will be sold each day this week at the CHS front office until 3:30 PM and sales will end at noon on Friday.  The gate opens at Destrehan at 5:15 Friday.  Follow this link to a Google Map for your trip:    MAP TO DESTREHAN




The Destrehan campus will now open at 4pm and not at 5pm as previously announced.  Shefner Elementary School is a block away from the stadium and people can park there and a shuttle will be provided to the stadium.  Also, at the 310 bridge and River Road there is a large park people can tailgate and or park in and a shuttle will be provided from there to the stadium. Just a reminder that no open flames are allowed in the campus parking lot.

The AD at Destrehan just called and the police are saying that all RV’s will have to park at the Bridge Park. A shuttle will be provided to and from the park, bathrooms are there and you can BBQ or cook all you want. They won’t allow RV’s in the stadium parking lot because the lot is small and they are expecting a record crowd.