New School Buildings In Central? – Sign Up Here To Stay Informed

By  | is committed to keeping Central informed concerning progress toward solving the issue of inadequate and deteriorating school buildings. Click this link:    and type in the message “send me updates” to receive an e-mail whenever new information is available on this effort.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours.  We also encourage you to forward the confirmation e-mail to everyone in your address book from Central.  Imagine the positive effect of the ability to give information to thousands of Central residents regarding the progress of this effort.  This project is probably the single most important issue that will face our city in the next 20 years.  Help us get connected with the people of Central so that we find the best possible course of action for this effort.

This process begins in December with a steering committee reviewing the work done in the first effort which was defeated at the polls.  The goal is to determine the will of the citizens of Central and to put a plan together that gives our children quality educational facilities in a manner which the taxpayers of Central can support. believes that getting information out to the public is a key component in this process.  Equally important is the need to receive input from the people of Central who will ultimately pay the bill for our children’s educational needs.  We encourage you to send in your comments and ideas by e-mailing to