School Board Forms New Steering Committee For Facilities Planning (See Video Below)

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The Central Community School Board met tonight in a called meeting at Central Middle School to approve a steering committee for facilities planning. The nominations for the steering committee were unanimously approved and the list of members can be seen by following this link: COMMITTEE 

In an effort to ensure representation of the entire population, the committee is made up of 31 members.  There is one administrator and one parent from each of the five schools.  There are two citizens from each of the seven school districts who were chosen by the school board member from each district.  There are seven additional “at-large” members chosen one each by the seven school board members.  In addition to this 31, the Superintendent may also add up to five more “at-large” members at his discretion should the nneed arise.

Mr Faulk indicates that the Steering Committee will begin meeting in December and will first review the findings of the original steeering committee and then seek to understand the will of the people of central in accomplishing the task, which is to build much needed new school facilities.  The final approval of any plan which may be presented to the public for a vote rests with the School Board.

The common thread heard in EVERY public discussion concerning school buildings is that new buildings do need to be built.  Proponents as well as opponents of the original plan find themselves in agreement on the need.  This disagreement is on how to accomplish the task.  Please take an interest in this process and voice your opinion.  Look at the list of committee members and I am sure you will know at least one.  Call the member and suggest how you would like to see this done.