Pre-Kindergarten – Small Steps and Giant Leaps

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St. Alphonsus Pre-Kindergarten students are transitioned into a structured day almost immediately upon beginning school.  These little folks may be small in stature, but they carry a big load in that they have many things they must learn and master throughout the school year. 


Because this is the first time for some of our students to experience time in a formal classroom, many of the activities take place in learning centers.  The centers are designed to promote social interaction, eye/hand coordination, dexterity, recognition skills, math concepts and artistic expression and creativity.


Our pre-kindergarten program now hosts several learning centers which include the picnic center, a workshop center, a town center, a neighborhood center, a puzzle center, a reading center, an art center, and a computer center.   In these centers, children learn to recognize familiar community figures such as firemen and policemen and community buildings such as hospitals and churches and discuss the importance of these in everyday life.  Additional benefits of the centers include original art work displays, application of social and practical life skills, role play and hands on instruction in the use and importance of the computer in our society in today’s world.


Ms. Joy Lonibos and Ms. Jennell Amorello are dedicated to the care and education of these precious students.  We are blessed and fortunate to have them molding the lives of these youngsters who will one day be leaders in our community.


(Pictured are Peyton Richard and Carsyn Smith, along with Ms. Jennell Amorello and Ms. Joy Lonibos)