Campbell’s Labels For Education Program

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Campbells Labels for Education is a collection that occurs throughout the school year. Clip the Labels for Education portion off of participating products like, Campbells Soup, Pepperidge Farms, Swanson, Prego Sauces, & send them into school for valuable points. Some examples are as follows ….

  • There are 26 varieties of Condensed Soup – These canned labels are specifically marked with a 5 point bonus label next to the UPC which begins with 51000
  • All Campbell’s microwavable soups – the packaging for these products are foam and the UPC begins with 51000
  • All Campbell’s Supper Bakes meal kits – The packaging for these are cardboard and the UPC begins with 51000
  • All Pepperidge Farms Goldfish Crackers – The UPC’s for this product begin with 14100
  • All V8 Splash Beverages – Plastic lids for these products vary in color: white, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, aqua & purple
  • Prego Lids, Franco-American UPC codes, Swanson Broths & Canned Chicken & much, much more!Please take a few minutes to remove the Campbell’s labels & Lids from the Participating Products. Collect them, then send them to school for your child to deposit in our box in the office or just mail them to Central Middle. This is an easy way for our school to earn money. We will be collecting them all year long!!