CHS Football Climbs To #11 in Power Ratings

By  | publishes calculated Power Ratings and Strength Factors. These are not official, but should be close. In Power Ratings Central is listed as tied for #11 with Denham Springs.  In our district the only team ahead of Central is Scotlandville at #1.  In Strength Factor Central is currently at #45.  Week 3 had Central at #17 in Power Ratings and #41 in Strength Factor.

For anyone who is in the dark on Power Points, here is an explanation found on the St. James school website:


Ever wonder how that crazy number that determines a team’s seed in the playoffs is calculated? What is the strength of schedule factor? How does that tie into the power points? I’ve come up with a little explanation of how this stuff works and how to get those numbers. The Power Points rating is very important to the playoffs. Winning your district automatically puts you into the playoffs. The remaining playoffs spot are taken by the top teams in the power points rating. From there, every team is seeded by their power points rating. Ties are broken first by head to head match up if the two or more teams played during the season. If the two or more teams didn’t play, the strength factor is then used.

You must first use the following point system to come up with a power point rating.
Each WIN!! 10 points
Playing up in class – 2 points per class played up.
Season’s opponents win – 1 point per opponent win

POINTS from the points system /(divided by) Number of games played = POWER POINTS

The “Strength of Schedule” factor comes into play in the event of a tie between teams that haven’t played each other during the regular season. To get the “Strenght of Schedule” factor, you simply add up each team’s class that you play during the year. Example, 2A + 3A + 4A= 9 This year, for St. James, that number would be 32. Taking the number of the class number totals, you then add 1 point for each win each team on the schedule gets. So let’s say St. James wins in week one and every single other team on the schedule also wins their game. St. James’ stregth of schedule factor would go up to 41, adding the 9 wins from the opponents.