City Council Discusses Debris Pickup

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The City Council met this evening and disposed of routine business in short order. The topic of great interest was the progress of storm debris pickup. Here are several key points:
The pickup process has been slowed by rains which made the disposal site unavailable for several days due to road damage.
If you do not have debris curbside by October 5th, removal will be your responsibility.
If you have leaves and debris in plastic bags, dump them out streetside, yes, that’s right, dump the leaves back on the ground. The problem is that bagged debris can not be picked up due to safety concerns in the automated process of collection and burning.
The debris pickup contract has been extended to run through 10/15/08 with a limit of 150,000 cubic yards. The original contract was through 10/9/08.

The Council deferred action on the issue of reviewing permit fees.