Bellingrath Hills has its first PBS Celebration

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Bellingrath Hills celebrated its first PBS Celebration this year. All children were able to attend this celebration in order to focus on the rewards of good behavior. Next month, the children will earn the right to go to the celebration based on good behavior in the classroom.
A special thanks to Coach Edwards, the Central High cheerleaders, and our senior football players. The cheerleaders led the crowd in cheers. Coach Edwards taught our students how to throw and catch the football, with the help of the football players. The football players all entertained us with their ability to HULA HOOP. The students moved to different “stations” in order to spend time with each group from the high school. Each child was given a snack and left with autographed pictures of the football players and cheerleaders. We are very blessed to live in such a community where our schools support each other in good character building activities. Bellingrath also wants to thank the many volunteers and the Bellingrath PBS committee (Lindsey Collins, Sherry Brown, Ms. Porter, and Ms. Matherne) for planning such a wonderful celebration.

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