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During the last election here in Central just over six thousand votes were cast.  Two questions naturally arise when this number is considered.  Are our registered voters coming out and voting?  Are the citizens of Central registered to vote?  Voting is a privilege that we enjoy as Americans.  It is our duty to our country, city, and schools that we should not take lightly. – the 411 on Central, newly merged with, wants to take an active roll in encouraging both voter turnout and voter registration.  In response to the question of voter registration, has decided to sponsor a voter registration drive.   We are looking for volunteers who would be willing to sit at a table and register voters at different places throughout the city.  We will be continuing with the drive throughout the rest of the year.  Our response to the question of voter turnout is that – The 411 on Central will do all we can to advertise and promote all elections in Central.  We will also continue to present facts and unbiased information in order to help voters to know the issues.  We encourage all voters to research the issues, speak to candidates, and ask questions so that you can make an informed decision.  Most of you know there is a School Board election coming up on October 4th.  You can find bios and/or letters submitted to us by the candidates by following the link: Candidate Bios.