CCSS looking to put freeze on hiring and possible cuts

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The CCSS school board meeting last night started out with a discussion about the proposed budget and the $166,000 surplus which is less than 1% of the $28 million budget. Mr. Faulk stated he had already thought about a freeze on hiring and at the Finance Committee meeting they will look at what areas could be cut. The Finance Committee will meet on Sept. 2. The budget will be discussed at the next school board meeting on Sept. 8. Copies of the budget are available at the CCSS office located at 13421 Hooper Rd., Suite 6.

Mr. Faulk informed the board that there are 3661 students that are currently enrolled in CCSS in grades PreK thru 12th.

Mr. Faulk reported that there were of course issues that had to be addressed, but overall the start up of school went very smoothly. They are continuing to work on walkways to the temporary buildings at several schools, lunch lines are being added, and there are several bus routes that will be reevaluated and possibly consolidated so the ride times are less for the children.