Come on, Central community!

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Whether you prefer to call it protecting the voters’ interests or fear in an election year, the fact of the matter is that the Central School Board voted on August 18 to not roll forward the newly assessed property tax.  Superintendent Faulk has stated that there is basically no reserve money in the School District funding, and that we will be hard pressed to meet the needs of the 3000+ students enrolled in our school district, not to mention the salaries of the wonderful teachers who work for us. So here’s an idea:  let’s show our support for Superintendent Faulk, voted “Man of the Year” by the Central City News for good reason, and his team of dedicated, hard working people by pulling together and funding the money ourselves.  If each household in this community would go to the School Board and write out a $50.00 check, the Central School District, which folks are flocking to from all over, which has some of the highest test scores in the state, which aims to be the pride of Louisiana, can continue on the fantastic course it began on.  Come on, Central Community!  If we can do it for Chalmette, we can do it for ourselves.  Start the petitions and the fund raising and let’s go!