School Board Meets With Final Preparations For The School Year

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The Central Community School Board met this evening, 8/11/08, at Kristenwood. Aside from the usual procedural issues, Superintendent Faulk presented four major pieces of business for approval. The Superintendent recommended administrative, instructional and support staff for this school year was approved. Many new positions have been created due to increased enrollment. The board approved the 2008-2009 Pupil Progression Plan. Mr. Faulk then presented the completed work on updated job descriptions, which was approved with no objections. Finally, Sections C, D and E of the Policy and Procedures Manual were also approved. Superintendent Faulk also reported that enrollment currently stands at 3,610 students, with more being added each day. The meeting was adjourned and school board members headed out to the three open houses being held at the elementary and intermediate schools.