Let Central Have a Fair Election

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Election yard signs for at least two Central School Board candidates are selectively disappearing.  It has been confirmed with several candidates that many of their election signs, placed on private property, have been stolen.  Surely the people of Central want a fair election.  Voters supporting each candidate in each district have reasons for wanting their candidate to win, and it is healthy and right that there should be opposing views.

The opponents of those whose signs have been taken certainly want to win this election, but just as certainly want a fair election and would not stoop to this type of dirty politics.  Whoever is stealing signs may feel they are helping specific candidates, but the only thing they are doing is hurting the Central community.  While being a great community certainly includes excellent schools, good businesses and involved citizens, it also includes integrity.  The person or persons involved in this incident lack integrity.  If you know who has taken the signs, do what your conscience dictates.  If you took the signs, at least drop them in a public place so these candidates do not have to bear the cost of replacing them. 

It is also appropriate that the City of Central’s sign ordinances be mentioned here.  There is a newly written ordinance which can be found at this link: CENTRAL SIGN ORDINANCE.  The sign ordinance exists to keep our community attractive while recognizing the need to advertise.  Please consult this ordinance before posting new signs.