Who Are My School Board Candidates?

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As the Central Community School System School Board election approaches, questions still remain about the school board districts. As these districts are fairly new, many people do not know which school board district applies to them personally. Central has been divided up into seven districts. School Board members will represent their assigned district on the School Board. On October 4th, when voters go to the polls, each voter will only vote for the candidate of their choice within their own district. People who live in district 6, for example, cannot vote for a candidate representing district 7. If you have any questions about what school board district you live in, you can view the DISTRICT MAP on the Central Community School System web site.

Candidates for School Board will usually have their district numbers on their campaign signs to make it easier for voters to

distinguish who is running in which district. We have also posted a CANDIDATE LIST on Central Speaks of each qualified School Board candidate and the district in which they are running. Furthermore, in order to enable voters to make an educated decision on October 4th, STATEMENTS from the candidates have been posted. Please take a few minutes to learn more about the district in which you live and the candidates running there so that we can all make the Central Community School System the best that it can be.