Central Community Theatre’s Wizard of OZ – Opening Night Success

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The Wizard of Oz, presented by the Central Community Theatre, opened to a large crowd tonight in the Central High School theater. If you like musical theater, if you like The Wizard of OZ, if you like kids, heck, if you like sitting back and being entertained, go see this show. More about tonight’s performance in a moment, for now, get on line and order tickets by following the link: OZ Tickets. The shows runs for through the weekend with performances Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM and Matinees Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 PM. You can also call the Theatre at 615-7615 or take your chances it is not sold out and purchase tickets at the door.

The cast knew their stuff, had their timing down and obviously enjoyed themselves. Every actor carried his or her weight in the show. There were some very strong acting and singing performances from some very talented young people. The costumes made us believe the characters. The choreography and dancing was well done and well rehearsed. The orchestra, which I believe is all volunteer, was so good that at times I forgot they were there, (that is high praise musicians.) The set, lighting, props and stage crew helped the audience suspend its disbelief and travel from Kansas, through Munchkinland, to OZ and back. All in all, a very enjoyable show that I am sure every kid, young and old, in Central would enjoy. There’s no place like Central……There’s no place like Central……There’s no place like Central……