Support CHS Football With an Ad

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The CHS Football Program is ready to go to print, but there is still time to get your ad in. Click here: PROGRAM AD, to sign up for an ad for the CHS football program. The football program is sold at every home football game and has always been a big hit with the fans. This is a great way to advertise a business. In addition, it has been a tradition for parents to run ads for their athletes, cheerleaders, band members, ROTC, etc….especially for the seniors. Click here: PERSONAL ADS, to place and ad to recognize your student. The deadline for ads has been extended to Aug. 8th. Please contact the coordinators, Connie Guerin at 261-6213 or Tess Boudreaux at 921-7321, ASAP if you’d like to run an ad. Thanks for your Wildcat support!!