What is the Board of Adjustments?

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As we were filling in the many meetings (check out our Calendar page) that go on in our fair city, we found ourselves asking “What is the Board of Adjustments?” An explanation is below and we thought you might be interested, we were! By the way, there is a meeting tonight.

The Board of Adjustments hears requests for waivers to the zoning ordinance of the City of Central as it applies to building restrictions and setbacks. The Board also hears requests for hardship waivers for mobile home locations. The Board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm at Kristenwood. A copy of the monthly agenda can be found on the Agendas page on the city website (link can be found on the bottom right of our homepage. The deadline for applications is ten days prior to the meeting. The application fee is $45.00.