Crime Bulletin 6/17/2008

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Incident: (5 cts) Simple burglary, (4 cts) Theft (f), (1 ct) Theft, Possession of Schedule II

Location: 1921 Dallas Drive
Incident Date & Time: 4/7/08, 12:45
File Number: 08-23881
Investigator: Sgt. Landacre, Lt. Michelli, Cpl. Dipuma

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office Armed Robbery & Burglary Detectives arrested Michael S. Holden at 1921 Dallas Drive. Holden was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison for multipe counts of Simple Burglary, Theft, and Possession of Schedule II Drug (crack cocaine).

The following EBRSO case files were cleared in Central as a result of Holden’s arrest:
#08-23881, 16606 Lilly Valley Drive
#08-22618, 6913 Oak Cluster Drive
#08-24625, 10319 Sullivan Road
#08-21915, 6313 Bridgeport Drive
#08-21656, 17917 Keystone Avenue