Council Overturns P&Z

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Car Wash & Auto Repair Shop Opening on Thruway
At Tuesday’s meeting, Central’s City Council granted a permit allowing for the construction of a car wash and auto repair facility on property that was, until recently, zoned Rural/Agricultural. Here is the history of the matter.
In May a business owner came to the Zoning Commission requesting to have 10 acres on the Central Thruway rezoned from Rural/Agricultural to ORD, Central’s most intense commercial land use. The purpose was to relocate his nearby flooded landscaping business and to build a commercial development there as well, to include a car wash and mechanic shop. After Zoning Commission discussion, it was evident that the Commission was not in favor, and the applicant withdrew the request.
The applicant then modified his request, eliminating the additional commercial development, and requested to locate only his landscaping business there. The Zoning Commission rejected the application in June, but the City Council overruled, changing the zoning to B4 and allowing the construction of the landscaping business only.
In August, the applicant came back to the Zoning Commission requesting to open the car wash and mechanic shop in addition to the landscaping business, and the Zoning Commission denied that request. Monday night the Council again overruled the Zoning Commission and approved the car wash and mechanic shop.
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