Winning Championships

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    Last year I sat in the “Emergency Room” with Coach Sid Edwards.  There were a few players and another coach in the “Waiting Room.”  No one was actually hurt, but there is always healing going on in that room.  The “Emergency Room” is actually Coach Sid’s office at Central High School, so named because of the counseling, healing and general “Emergency” treatment Sid offers to students and coaches, and more than a few fellow teachers.  But I digress, let’s talk football!
    As I sat with Sid he explained that on the surface his job is about winning football games on those 10 Friday nights each fall, making the playoffs, and ultimately, maybe, playing for and winning a state championship.  Coach Sid already has a few actual State Championships in his trophy case, but he explained Coach Sid’s theory of winning championships every day.
    When a student in academic trouble walks into Sid’s “ER”, talks it through, gets some advice, is directed to the teachers and resources that student needs to survive the semester, a championship was won that day.  When an athlete on any team seems headed for trouble in their personal life and is able to come to Coach Sid’s “ER” for treatment, even for multiple sessions throughout the year, and that athlete succeeds both as a student and a contributing member of a team, a championship was won.
    As the Wildcats head to West Monroe this Friday for round two of the playoffs, they are four wins away from a Louisiana High School Football 5-A State Championship.  But in this same month, I know that “Men For Others”, the community service effort of Central’s football team, has sent volunteers to help with last week’s Veterans Day service and helped a family in need move in an emergency.  Seeing young men involved in serving others in this community is yet another championship won.
    Win or lose Friday at West Monroe, the Central community has much to be proud of in the Wildcat football program.  From the third string sophomore who may never see the field on a Friday night, but is a successful student and is involved in serving others, right up to Coach (Doc) Sid behind his desk in the “ER” mentoring and challenging Central’s student athletes, they are all winning championships every day.
Good luck to the Wildcats on the road, taking one game at a time, to earn the right to play for the other kind of Championship in the Superdome.  Game time is 7PM at West Monroe, so make the trip or listen in on 100.7 FM the Tiger.