ARPA Receives “Keep Louisiana Beautiful” Grant

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    The Amite River Preservation Association once again was awarded a $3,000 grant from Keep Louisiana Beautiful.  The following is a letter from the Amite River Preservation Association detailing the progress they have made on their charitable efforts.
    We, the members of ARPA(Amite River Preservation Association) are residents of the Greenwell Springs area who spend much time enjoying the Amite River.  One day while enjoying our beautiful river we couldn’t help but notice all of the trash floating down it, we decided to do something about it.  For several years from April to August we have been riding in boats and scouring the beaches picking up each and every piece of trash that we can get our hands on in hopes of restoring our river to the way it’s been for hundreds of years.  Unfortunately each piece of trash is picked up one at a time and replaced the very next day by another piece of trash.  Our work is tedious but we have been undeterred in our efforts to achieve our goal of cleaning our much-loved river.
    We have established an efficient system of dealing with the trash over the past few years with what we have at our disposal. Keep Louisiana Beautiful has been instrumental in providing us with funds to keep our operation going and become more efficient. We recently purchased a larger boat. This boat has increased our capacity in both trash and the manpower we are able to transport at one time.  This is just one example of ways we are trying to “upgrade” to become more efficient.  Any assistance that is received is put toward a list of improvements that are needed in order to keep pace with the removal of trash. This year we set a new record by removing nearly 6000 gallons of litter. We update our efforts on Facebook at amite river preservation association feel free to visit and see what we do.
Thank you for your support,
Jacob Venable