Central Cultural Foundation Established

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Volunteers needed to preserve Central's history and promote the arts
    With all of the new and exciting things going on in Central, some people may not be aware of the area’s rich and varied history spanning many generations. There are also multiple groups and individuals who are actively involved in all areas of the performing and visual arts. History and the arts are a vital component of the quality of life in any community; with this in mind, the Central Cultural Foundation has been established. The CCF is a non-profit foundation whose purpose is to promote and support historical preservation, artistic expression and appreciation, and the development of a cultural identity in the greater Central community. The foundation is inviting all of the existing history and arts groups (and interested individuals) to come together and work toward common goals which benefit each group and the Central Community as a whole. Two of the initial efforts of the foundation will be to establish an Arts Council with representatives from all area arts organizations, and to promote and expand the Central/Greenwell Springs Area Historical Society. There are small informal groups and many community members who have a wealth of historical information which needs to be preserved and shared with the Central community.
    This is a major undertaking with unlimited potential, whose success will be determined by the volunteers who will make it happen. Whether your interest is History, Genealogy, Theater, Music, Dance or Fine Art, we encourage you to contact us and get involved – we need your input, especially in these formative stages. Even if you have no particular “area” of interest, but simply see this as a benefit to the Central Community and you want to help, there will be a place for everyone. Please contact Ti Barnes at 262-2212 or, Angie Rabalais at, or Lee Rome at for more information. Watch the local papers for updates on the progress of the Central Cultural Foundation – we are excited about this newest opportunity for Central to unite behind an effort that can bring benefits for generations to come.