Annual “Active for Autism” Walk/Run this Saturday

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Submitted by Maureen Edwards
    The Annual "Active for Autism" Run/ Walk will be held this Saturday, March 31st at the State Police Headquarters on Independence Boulevard.  The run begins at 8:00 am with the walk following at 9:00 am. After the walk, there will be informational booths and children's activities until 1:00 pm.  Hope to see you there!
Here are some reasons why we LOVE to interact with kids who have autism:
 -They are never judgmental! (Bri Allen, Best Buddy)
-Their purity of spirit! They are truly God's innocents. (Beanie Edwards, Special Educator and mother of two sons with autism)
-EVERY day is a COMPLETE adventure-guaranteed! (Angie Champagne-Masden, Special Educator)
-Children with autism remind all of us on a daily basis about the preciousness and sanctity of the gift of life and the loving bond felt between students, parents, and educators. (Jeremy O'Banion, Assistant Principal)
-It's awesome to try and get into "their world"! (Frank Fresina, Teacher and Coach)
-They are loving, sweet gifts from God who are smart and want to learn. (Melissa Payton, paraprofessional)
-You can do almost anything with them, they just love to have fun! (Taylor Conrad, Best Buddy)
-The thing I love about kids with autism is the innocence and love in their heart, no angles, just purity. (Sid Edwards, Coach and father of two sons with autism)
-The investigation and challenge of finding out how each student needs to be taught and then seeing the improvements they make-it's joyous! (Renee Fauvre, Special Educator)
-There's never a dull moment-I am always expecting that "aha" moment! (Ms. Porter, paraprofessional) 
-Always unique, totally intelligent, and sometimes mysterious. (Debra Ramsey, Special Educator)