Records Request Completed- “No Wrongdoing and I Didn’t Expect Any”

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By Dave Freneaux

With this statement Mike Mannino served up welcomed news to the Central community when asked whether he had thus far found anything that would indicate wrongdoing.  On Tuesday Mr. Mannino modified his original requests for documents and has now had made available to him all of the documents due him under his original and modified requests.  He is still reviewing documents and has made additional requests this week for more specific documents.  When Mr. Mannino began his quest for documents he stated that he had no credible evidence of any wrongdoing.  The City of Central has produced approximately 7,000 printed documents in order to satisfy the unprecedented public records request.
The pending completion of this records search with an apparent "clean bill of health" for the City of Central, its Mayor, employees and contractors is a positive step forward for everyone who calls Central "Home".  There has been much controversy over the request itself and over the manner in which it has been fulfilled.  While it is possible to spark even more debate over who is responsible for the time, effort and legal fees expended in this matter, the fact remains that it was a legal request, properly made, and the City has complied.  As this process now winds to a close, it would be hard to accept that any Central resident would relish anything more than a confirmation of "No wrongdoing."