Central Prepares for Possible Impact of Tropical Storm Bonnie

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Central Mayor Mac Watts called together City of Central Emergency Operations Officials Friday morning at 9:00 AM to review plans in place for a possible impact from Tropical Storm Bonnie.  Bonnie, on its path as of the meeting time, would bring heavy rain and winds of 30 MPH with gusts of 40 MPH or more to the Central area Sunday afternoon.  Central's Department of Public Works, the Central Fire Department, the Sheriff's office and the Chief of Police have been notified to be prepared for this possible storm event.

 The Fire Department and Central's Department of Public Works report that they are in the process of checking equipment, fuel and supplies in preparation for any cleanup and relief effort that may be required.  Council Member Aaron Moak, who is Central’s primary point of contact for the Parish EOC (Emergency Operations Center), is in the process of notifying all Council Members of the plans being put into place.  Mayor Watts' office encourages all citizens to take reasonable measures to be prepared for a possible storm event and to keep an eye out for your neighbors who may be less able to make preparations.

 Bear in mind also that tropical storms do not necessarily follow projected paths or expected strengthening.  What is expected to bring 30 MPH winds on Sunday could turn east and miss our area entirely, or could stall, strengthen, and bring hurricane force winds to south Louisiana.  Being prepared is an easy task.  The cost of unpreparedness can be high.

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