2010 Central Street Rehab Program

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Submitted by David Barrow

Bids were opened on Tuesday, July 13 for the city of Central’s Street Rehab Program 2010.  We were pleased to have 8 bidders on the project.  The estimated cost was $1.14 million.  The low bid was submitted by Barber Brothers Contracting Co., LLC in the amount of $982,105.00.   PEC has reviewed all of the tabulations and recommends acceptance of the low bid.  This item will be placed on the next council agenda for approval so that this work can be started.
   Once again, the streets involved in this project are:
1)       Bellingrath Lakes Ave (Greenwell Springs Rd to Station 28+52)
2)       Lake Stream Dr
3)       Lakeside Dr
4)       Lake Court
5)       Lake Vista Dr
6)       Landmor Dr
7)       Morgan Rd
8)       Old Wax Rd
9)       Spring Meadow Dr
10)   North Milstead Place
11)   South Milstead Place
12)   West Milstead Place
13)   Empress Drive (Landmor to Audusson)
14)   Lake Pass Dr
15)   Lake Port Dr
    This represents approximately 4.82 miles of roadway.  Once the contract is signed, the contractor will have 90 days to complete the project.

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