From the Mayor’s Desk- June 29

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Baton Rouge Business Report, Real Estate Report 2010 states:

          “The City Of Central encompasses 66 square miles, roughly the same size of Baton Rouge, but with 10% of the population.  Thus, despite experiencing incredible growth and being situated in an urban area, Central has a decidedly relaxed, rural and friendly atmosphere.  The Central Economic Development Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was established in 2009 to promote, develop and enhance economic and community development in the burgeoning city.  The CEDF activities have focused on increasing Central’s tax base and employment opportunities, supporting education initiatives, and marketing the city and its business community.  This includes working to attract much-needed retail, commercial and light industrial businesses to support the city’s growing demand and to sustain the lifestyle that attracted residents to Central in the first place.”

“Central’s focus on education and the city’s first-rate school system continues to be a magnet for residential growth.  The Central Community School System ranks as the fifth highest performing school district in the state despite being just three years old.  Yet Central also is the fastest-growing school district in Louisiana, with an average 9% annual increase in enrollment.  Thus, the CEDF and community leaders are working to ensure that sales tax revenues continue to support the school system and the opportunities it affords residents”  ‘Our tax base is a fraction of what other school systems have’, says Wade Giles, CEDF’s president. ‘We can’t sustain the school system solely on residential, so we need to expand and diversify our tax base”.



POPULATION:    28,000






SALES TAX:  9.5%


Central residents have a substantial number of our family members serving in the war.  We must add to this the number of veterans that have served in past wars.  To honor our heroes, whether past or present, I would like to ask our residents to display the American Flag permanently and not reserve it’s presence for the holiday. 


Redflex Company has placed a speed van within our community as a sales demonstration.  You may have noticed it at different locations throughout the city.  THIS IS STRICTLY A DEMONSTRATION.  There will be NO citations issued.  If indeed this company or method of law enforcement is ever considered, there would have to be a public hearing before the Central City Council for approval which would welcome constituent input in the matter. 


As I enter into my second term as Mayor, I look back on the five years I have served and try to analyze my performance. I have always been drawn to a challenge in my duties as a teacher, coach, principal, and now as your Mayor.

Have I made mistakes?  Absolutely!  Have I made steps to correct those mistakes? Absolutely!  Starting a city from ground zero is the greatest challenge I have ever encountered.  There are no blueprints to accomplish this task, strictly on the job training!  This is not an excuse but an explanation.         

There are some misconceptions among our citizens concerning different issues.  First, our City Services is doing an outstanding job.  The new contract price for 2010-2011 is 62% of our Total budget and represents a savings of $150,000 over last year.

Our Master Plan is most important in keeping our sustainable life style and imperative we continue to fund it.          

Another point of great importance is Economic Development.  More businesses equate to better services for our citizens. Utilizing increased sales tax, we provide our school system with more funding and a better education for our children.  The continued funding of Economic Development is of utmost importance.  On this line of thought, I would like to clear up one other misconception: our Economic Development Consultant was funded by a $40,000.00 Grant and not $50,000.00 from our budget as previously reported.

I would like to apologize for what I consider my biggest shortfall, my failure to communicate better with you the citizens.  Being a lifelong resident of Central, (66 years) and having worked most of my adult life in Central, I assumed citizens knew me and knew that I actually live and breathe Central.  I can assure you I am taking steps to correct this and am pursuing several avenues to release weekly information of happenings in the city.  I am now delivering my “From the Mayor’s Desk” to Central Speaks, Central City News and I post weekly on the Mayors website:

As always, I welcome you to speak with me on any issue.  My door is always open and you can reach my office at 261-5988 to make an appointment.  Remember, Central is one CommUNITY!

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Thank you and God bless,

Mac Watts