Truck Routes through Central

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Submitted by David Barrow

From time to time, we get questions about large trucks traveling on our roadways in Central.  Only certain roadways are designated as truck routes for vehicles over two-axles.  Those roadways designated as truck routes are:
Blackwater Rd, Denham Rd, Dyer  Rd, Greenwell Springs Rd, Greenwell Springs-Port Hudson / Deerford Rd (Hwy 64), Hooper Rd, Joor Rd, Liberty Rd, Magnolia Bridge Rd, Peairs Rd, Sullivan Rd, and Wax Rd.
Those are the only roads upon which large trucks should legally travel.  They should not use other local roads as shortcuts such as Lovett Rd, Devall Rd, Gurney Rd, Core Ln, Hubbs Rd, McCullough Rd and others.  However, if a large truck is making a local delivery, they are allowed to travel on local roads to make that delivery if that is where the delivery residence is or the only way to get to the residence for delivery.


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