City Council Agenda- 5/11 Meeting

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 AGENDA 6:00 PM @ Kristenwood

The rules for conducting such public hearings are as follows:

1) The applicant will speak first for a period not to exceed 10 minutes. Other proponents

will speak next, then the opponents. Each speaker will be allowed not more than three

minutes. The speakers are requested to limit their remarks and to avoid duplication in

their presentations.

2) The proponents will be allowed three minutes for rebuttal.

3) The Council Members may ask questions and make comments but are urged to cooperate

in an effort to spend not more than 30 minutes on any one matter before the Council.

I. Preliminary Business

(1) Call to Order

(2) Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

(3) Roll Call

(4) Approval of minutes from the April 27, 2010 council meeting.

II. Unfinished Business


III. New Business

1) Mayor’s report and presentations.

2) Introduction of the following item(s) (with public hearing to be held at the May 25, 2010 council meeting)


3) Discussion and action regarding the following instrument(s):


Central City Council Agenda Tuesday, May 11, 2010

IV. Zoning Cases

(1) Introduction of the following item(s) (with Public Hearing to be held at the May 25, 2010 council meeting):


(2) Discussion and Action regarding the following case(s):

(a) RZ-01-10 Rezoning This property is located on the southeast corner of Wax Road and Quarter Drive (private access servitude). The applicant is proposing to rezone from SPUD to C-AB-2 (Commercial Alcoholic Beverage Two District) for a sports bar/lounge (Applicant: Carolyn Jones).

Planning Commission Action: A motion to recommend approval of case RZ-01-10 with the condition that the applicant changes the name of the sports bar was made by Mr. Paul Burns, seconded by Mr. T.J. Johnson. Vote: 7 yeas, 0 nays, and the motion carried.

V. Other Business

(1) Announcements

(2) Adjournment