Just the Facts: A Sports Bar in Central

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 “Just the facts” is a phrase attributed to Sergeant Joe Friday of the 50’s and 60’s television crime drama “Dragnet.”  Joe Friday seemed annoyed by people’s attempts to embellish their story and would often refocus their telling of the story and limit it to the truth, and not anyone’s interpretation of the truth.  In almost all controversy there is one side’s perception, the other side’s perception, and, somewhere in between, what actually happened. feels that it is our job to give you, to the best of our ability, the unbiased facts of the matter, and to let the facts speak for themselves.  We are finding this to be a daunting task which may never be perfectly accomplished, and we always welcome input from anyone which may further explain or correct anything we set forth in print, as long as it is true and verifiable.  So, bear with us as we try to present “Just the Facts” in the article below entitled“A Sports Bar in Central”.

 At the April 22nd meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission, applicant Carolyn Jones requested that a location in a commercial development be granted C-AB-2 zoning in order to open a sports bar.  As reported last week in this paper, there was extensive public comment on the issue.  The Commission voted unanimously to approve the rezoning and to send the matter to the City Council for consideration.  Because the May 11th Council meeting will likely involve heated discussion of this issue, has researched this case and will attempt to give our readers all of the correct facts so that on May 11th everyone can come to this discussion with good information.  So here are “Just The Facts.”

    Nearly a year ago at the May 30th, 2009 meeting of the Planning & Zoning Commission the following item was considered: “SPUD-01-01 Small Planned Unit Development. The request is to rezone from R (Rural) to SPUD (Small Planned Unit Development). This

intersection of Wax Road and Sullivan Road, in Section 68, T6S, R2E, GLD, EBR. LA. (City of Central) (Applicant: Jeff Couvillion, Engineer: Ferris Engineering & Surveying, LLC)” has listened to the audio tape of this meeting.  There was discussion which included acknowledgement that one of the intended uses of this development was an establishment which would serve alcohol.  It was made clear by a member of the Commission that a separate request for zoning to serve alcohol would have to be made at a later date once the actual dimensions and location of the proposed establishment were certain.  The minutes of this meeting reflect that, “A motion to approve this item was made by Mr. Giles and seconded by Mr. Burns. Vote: 6 yeas, 0 nays, 1 absent.”

    This case went before the City Council last year on July 14th, 2009, and the Council minutes reflect that, “A motion was made by Councilman Ross to approve this item. No objections.  Motion passed. Vote: 5 Yeas, 0 Nay”  At this point, Central had approved the zoning of the retail space which was proposed to include an establishment which served alcohol, but it was not known whether the alcohol zoning request would be C-AB-1 or C-AB-2.

    Fast-forwarding to current day, the proposed rezoning was researched by staff and in a memorandum to the P&Z dated April 13th, 2010, the following staff comments were made:  “Master Plan Statement – The proposed rezoning is in Planning District 6.  The subject is designated Office Commercial land use on the City of Central Master Plan.  The proposed rezoning from SPUD (Small Planned Unit Development) to C-AB-2 (Commercial Alcoholic Beverage Two District) is consistent with the City of Central Master Plan.  Planning Commission Staff Recommendation:  Staff notes that the proposed rezoning is consistent with the City of Central Master Plan.  Additionally, Staff notes that there have not been any e-mails, phone calls, or inquiries about this rezoning from the general public.  Staff recommends approval of this rezoning request.” 

    The item then came before the April 22nd, 2010 meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission only to consider the request to serve alcohol in one rented section of this retail space, and it was approved and sent to Council for final consideration.  The full article covering that meeting is in the April 28th edition of and can be seen online at

    This item comes before the Central City Council on May 11th. neither supports nor opposes this rezoning request, because, as our name implies, believes it is called to report the news and let the people of Central speak. Whether you support or oppose the opening of a sports bar in Central, you now have “Just the Facts”.