Chief Browning Re-Elected, Funding for Sheriff’s Office Passes

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The only Chief of Police Central has ever had, has been re-elected for another four year term.  Chief Doug Browning edged out Wade Welborn 2,535 to 2,382 with 24.8% of Central's registered voters going to the polls.  Both candidates are to be thanked for their willingness to serve the City of Central and for maintaining a high degree of professionalism and integrity throughout the campaign.

On the same ballot was the parish-wide tax election to continue a 3.73 Mill property tax in support of the EBR Parish Sheriff's Office.  That tax passed easily with 84% in support amongst the 10.8% of voters who went to the polls.  The Sheriff's office is critically important in Central as they are the primary law enforcement body in Central.  During the campaign Chief Browning stated numerous times that he is supportive of Central's relationship with the Sheriff's Office and that he would seek to maintain and strengthen that relationship going forward.

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